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PowerPlay Personal Training

powerplay personal training

Personal Training is our primary service.

A good personal trainer and training arena can:

  • Keep you motivated, focused and can increase training enthusiasm.
  • Provide educated and professional training supervision.
  • Keep training interesting by offering a large range of helpful exercises suited to you and your health and fitness requirements.
  • Provide exercise education. Demonstration and instructional advice on the correct techniques to follow when performing movements and why we use these techniques.
  • Instigate a variety of effective training principles and philosophies. For example, ascending pyramid sets to more obscure methods such as accommodating training.
  • personal training2Help you train around an injury by avoiding movements that aggravate your existing injury.
  • Rehabilitate an injured body part from a functional to optimal state.
  • Evaluate patho-mechanics (bad postural body mechanics which may lead to pathology-deterioration of body structure).
  • Makes you accountable to someone. The gym is an easy place to make excuses not to go. If you have an appointment with a trainer you than become accountable and are much more likely to attend.
  • Dietary education and how a suitable eating plan should be combined around your gym program.
  • Rule out exercises not suitable for you. (e.g.: recognizing an individual's joint mobility and ruling out ineffective movements and that may actually further damage the area).
  • personal training3Closely Supervisors your training technique when you are exerting and offer's corrective advice when required.
  • Designs a professional gym program with constant revision and updates to help you constantly improve and evolve in reaching your health and fitness objectives.
  • Monitors your development along the way to ensure you are progressing.
  • Lifestyle Guidance – with coaching and endorsing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle you are much more likely to succeed and achieve your health and fitness objectives.
  • Act as a role model during the tough times. Surrounding yourself with a like-minded individual/s can help you stay on track.

A good trainer will know exactly when your body is plateauing and will have the ability and experience to recognize this and take the necessary actions and changes required to help reboot your body back into a positive state. There are countless advantages to investing in a quality personal trainer. Your Health is your greatest asset. We offer expert advice to give you the knowledge and knowhow to keep on improving throughout your life. We have trained and inspired many people who have themselves become successful personal trainers and physiotherapists. Our primary advantage over our competitors is our wealth of experience and knowledge. Knowledge is power, and we would like to share that with you.



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